Translation of documents in Warsaw

Our Translation Agency in Warsaw specializes in translations and interpretations. We perform translations and interpretations from Polish into English and from English into Polish. The main area of our activity is sworn translations (notary translations, certified translations by the seal of a sworn translator) from English language. In addition, we perform specialized translations (technical, medical, economic, ...). In our translation agency you can do the translation from/into the following languages: English, Albanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Georgian, Hebrew, Spanish, Japanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Macedonian, Moldavian, Belgian, Flemish, German, Norwegian, Armenian, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Italian, Polish.


How to order the translation of documents

We can provide documents for translation in our office which is located in Warsaw at the address: 00-581 Warsaw, Marshalkovska 2/11 street (in the yard on the ground floor) or send scanned documents via e-mail: or original documents in traditional way by post (Poczta Polska, GLS, DPD, DHL, ...).

Orders are accepted in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.


Sworn translations and interpretations in Warsaw (Warszawa)

1. Certified translations by a sworn translator, called sworn translations of documents.

The most popular documents provided for translation are the following:

  • a birth certificate;

  • a marriage certificate;

  • a death certificate;

  • a divorce certificate;

  • a passport or an other person's identity document;

  • a diploma;

  • a secondary school certificate;

  • a certificate from a bank;

  • a decision, a judgment, an order or a judgment of the court;

  • a commission or a notarial act;

  • a purchase and sale agreement of companies;

  • a work record;

  • a driving license;

  • a medical certificate;

  • an insurance;

  • a financial report and others.

2. The intreprétations made by a sworn translator and classical interpretations.



A SWORN TRANSLATOR is a person of public trust, which is registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Poland, and has a permission to make translations of official documents and perform certification of these translations.

We inform that the sworn translation does not require legalization, as it is already stamped by the sworn translator.


Prices for translation services:

1. Translations, certified by the seal of a sworn translator (notary translations or those made by the Polish sworn translator), a page - 1125 characters with spaces:

- from English into Polish (English- Polish sworn translations) - individual price PLN;

- from Polish into English (Polish-English sworn translations) - individual price PLN;

2. The specialized and regular translations (one page - 1800 characters with spaces).

3. Sworn interpretations - 350-500 PLN/1 hour.



Each started page of the translation is calculated as the following.

Each started hour of interpretation is calculated as the following.


Foreign countries do not accept documents issued by the Polish authorities? - the solution is to legalize these documents in the correct way or to certify them with an Apostille clause. Apostille or Legalization? – It depends on the country in which you plan to submit the documents obtained in Poland. If the country is covered by the Hague Convention, an Apostille is required.

Each of us experiences different life situations:

1. We may have a document issued by the Registrar's Office (e.g. a marriage certificate) and we need to legalize it or authenticate it by an Apostille, or we need to obtain a new copy of one of the documents issued by the Registrar's Office (birth or marriage certificate) and still legalize them in order to be able to submit them to an office in another state.

2. We may be employed in a large corporation in one of the European Union countries and the employer may ask for a criminal record certificate (KRK) with the Apostille clause.

3. We may sign a contract with a foreign company, open an account in a foreign bank or take part in a tender and then we have to prove the existence of the company – we download the current or full excerpt from the National Court Register from the court and certify it with an Apostille, we make a sworn translation into a relevant language.

4. We may need to grant a power of attorney to purchase or sell real estate, shares or stocks in a company, to represent us in other equally important matters in other countries – an Apostille is necessary.

5. We may be getting married and we may need to file a divorce decree - we need an Apostille.

6. We may be going to study abroad - we confirm educational documents issued in Poland with Apostille.

7. An important issue is that every document that is to be submitted in another country must be translated by a sworn translator, and the translation also often requires Apostille or Legalization. We make translations from Polish into English and from English into Polish. Our Partners from the Document Legalization Office in Warsaw will help you in the above and other matters.

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